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Separated Akatsuki Rings

Separated Akatsuki Rings

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This set of Naruto rings are made of high quality metal which is durable for long term use, beautiful workship of rings with smooth, no sharpenings on it. Your hand will feel no discomfort in it
Akatsuki rings can be used as a whatever you want. It could be either ring to wear on your fingers or even necklaces! Just use the chain and put the ring on it. Also you can put them all in once. Just have fun with it!
If you enjoy watching anime and you are a big fan of Naruto then this Akatsuki rings are perfect for you! Tons of cosplays and role plays can easily come true with the rings. Unique signs on it let you use your imagination and recreate anime characters with them
Package includes 10 pieces of different rings and they come with cardboard box with picture of Naruto on it. Each ring featuring each individual mercenary sign from the Akatsuki clan
That if perfect gift for your family members or friends who is into animes and copslays. Hard cardboard box is not easily breakable, so don’t worry about durability of the present. Great for cosplay activities, birthdays gifts
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